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Career Development


Hospitals/Medical centersLong term careHome healthPrivate practiceOutpatient counseling

Clinical dietitians are a vital part of the medical teams in hospitals, nursing homes, homehealth agencies, health maintenance organizations, and other healthcare facilities. They provide medical nutrition therapy to help speedpatients' recovery and lay the groundwork for long-term health. Somedietitians choose a particular area of practice such as diabetes, pediatrics, or nutrition support.


Child/elderly feeding programsState and county health departmentsInternational nutritionWIC - Women, Children, InfantsHunger advocacy

Community dietitians work in public and home health agencies, and in government-fundedprograms that feed and counsel families, the elderly, pregnant women,children and disabled individuals. Wherever proper nutrition can helpimprove quality of life, they reach out to the public to teach, monitorand advise.


Sports nutritionConsultingMarketing/advertisingWellnessSales

Business dietitians work in food and nutrition related industries. They work in product development, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations,purchasing, and in many other capacities that enable companies to satisfy consumers' growing interest in nutrition.


Educator dietitians work in colleges, universities, and community or technical schools, teaching future doctors, nurses, dietitians, and dietetic technicians the sophisticated science of foods, nutrition, and dietetics.


Research dietitians work in government agencies, food and pharmaceutical companies, and in-major universities and medical centers. They conduct or direct experiments to answer critical nutrition questions, and make dietary recommendations for the public.


Consultants work full or part-time as management, clinical, or community dietitians, usually under contract with a healthcare facility or in their own private practice. They perform nutrition screening,assessment, and counseling. They consult regarding disease management,weight loss, sports nutrition, wellness, and food service management.

NOTE: When your are interviewing for a position, remember to thoroughly research the organization your are interviewing with. Companies in our industry now use a multitude of methods for interviewing including phone screens, video job interviews, live video interviews(like a video conference), remote video interviewing, behavioral assessments, committee interviews, and other formats. Make sure to do your research!