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Food Science
Welcome to the Food Science Program!
Students are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities.
Scholarships are available from department, college, university, private, and federal sources.
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What is Food Science?

Food Science is the multidisciplinary study of food and the application of knowledge thus gained to the development of food products and processes, the preservation and storage of foods, and the assurance of food safety and quality. Students may pursue either the Food Science Technical Track or the Food Industry Management Track.

With fewer farmers feeding an increasing percentage of the world's population, food must be properly preserved and packaged for consumption at a later time and often at a distant location.

Food scientists are involved in all aspects of this process, from the point of animal and crop production to the time of food consumption. This includes developing new and improved foods, analyzing food for its nutritional value and safety, and researching better ways to preserve food.

Postgraduate Degrees

Food Science prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in science (MS, PhD). The Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at Brigham Young University offers a Masters degree in Food Science. Requirements are explained in the University's Graduate Catalog.

Alternately, students can develop dynamic careers by combining an undergraduate degree in Food Science with professional training in law, business, or medicine. Food Science students graduating from BYU excel at other universities.

A great listing of food science graduate programs is available on the IFT Website.