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BYU Dietetics

The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) begins with approximately four semesters of pre-professional study, which include University general education requirements and specific Program requirement. Students may then apply for acceptance into the professional sequence, the final two years of study. Professional Sequence coursework includes courses in clinical and community nutrition and foodservice management as well as teaching and research methods in dietetics.

Through the DPD, the student meets all foundation knowledge and skills established by the American Dietetic Association for progression to a Dietetic Internship. Successful completion of Program major requirements and University requirements for graduation will qualify students to receive a Verification Statement. The Verification Statement is required for entrance into a Dietetic Internship.

During the student's final semester, application is made for a Dietetic Internship (typically 9-12 months in length; located throughout the US), completion of which is required to qualify for the national examination for registered dietitian status.Steps to becoming an RD:

  • Four Semesters of Pre-Professional Study
  • 300 Hours of Dietetic Related Service
  • Four Semesters of Professional Sequence Study in Dietetics
  • Earn an Addtional 700 Hours of Dietetic Related Service
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • 6-12 Month Dietetic Internship at an Approved Program (See ADA Catalog)
  • Pass the RD Exam