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Financial Aid

Several forms of financial aid are available in the form of University, College, and Department Scholarships. These can be based on need, academic performance, or several other factors. 

Apply for University Financial Aid

Apply for a College or Department Scholarship


  1. Tuition: (LDS Fall 2018: Full time – LDS  $2810/Non LDS $5620; Part time per credit hour- LDS $294/Non LDS $588)
  2. Room and board – varies
  3. Textbooks: Total for texts used in the program: approximately $2000 divided between semesters (approximately $1200 fall of junior year – remainder divided throughout remaining semesters)
  4. Vaccination: Influenza--Approximately $21 (Obtain early in Fall Semester at Student Health Center or Utah County Health Department); Hepatitis B—if you have not received the Hep B vaccine; approximately $35 or $65 depending on age at Student Health Center. Prices are subject to change. This is optional but highly recommended.
  5. AND Associate Membership: $58 is the student rate per year. 
  6. SDA Membership: $15 per year
  7. Medical Insurance (BYU health plan or private insurer).  All students are required to participate in the student health insurance service unless they have a private plan that takes care of physician’s visits in addition to major medical/surgical coverage.
  8. Food Production Management Lab:
    1. Appropriate Shoes
    2. ServSafe Certification: $36
    3. Thermometer: $10
    4. Pendulum Court "Uniform T-Shirt": $5
  9. Miscellaneous expenses: Clipboard, pens, pencils, calculator
  10. Materials (up to $75 total) incurred for numerous projects in the senior year.
  11. Dietetic Internship application fees; (vary by program, approximately $35 per program)
  12. Dietetic Internship application computer matching fee: $55.
  13. Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System fee:  $40 for first application and $20 for each additional application.