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Michael Dunn

Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science, Dean's Office

S-129 ESC
Provo, UT 84602


Michael L. Dunn received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Food Science from Brigham Young University, and obtained his PhD in Food Science from Cornell University, with minors in Marketing and Microbiology. Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Dunn worked for ten years as a product development scientist and research manager in the domestic and European food industries. Dr. Dunn joined the faculty of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at BYU in 2003. He teaches Food Product Development, Food Regulations and Quality Assurance, Essentials of Food Science, Food Lipids, and Graduate Research & Writing. Dr. Dunn’s research at BYU focuses on nutrient fortification, and stability of fortified and other foods, and food product development.

Research Interests

Micronutrient fortification and stability, food chemistry and product development

Teaching Interests

Food Product Development, Food Regulations and Quality Assurance, Essentials of Food Science Laboratory, and Food Lipids

Honors and Awards

  • Agnes Higgins Award, March of Dimes Foundation (2016 - 2016)

Professional Citizenship

  • Other, Institute of Food Technologists (2011 - 2013)

Courses Taught


Mike L Dunn A. Flores M. A. Arce C. A. Boyle R. Carreon A. M. Cordero K. Crider M. L. Dunn J. O. Estrada C. Pelligrini J. E. Sniezek S. Struwe S. Tinker Michael L Dunn Oscar A Pike Renee Phillips Dennis L Eggett Stephen J Adolphson Mike L Dunn Sarah Nielsen-Barrows Dennis Lee Eggett Frost M Steele Mike L Dunn Barbara P. Klein Jain Vijaya Amalie B. Kurzer Mike L Dunn Oscar Arthur Pike Dennis Lee Eggett Laura Kahealani Jefferies Mike L Dunn Reed H Taylor Mike L Dunn Lynn Verl Ogden Laura Kahealani Jefferies Dennis Lee Eggett Frost M Steele Trenton W. Horner Mike L Dunn Dennis Lee Eggett Lynn Verl Ogden Devin J. Rose Lynn Verl Ogden Mike L Dunn Rachel G. Jamison Michelle A Lloyd Oscar Arthur Pike J. S. Chapman Frost M Steele Dennis Lee Eggett N Paul Johnston Mike L Dunn L. E. Fleige W. R. Moore P. J. Garlick S. P. Murphy E. H. Turner Mike L Dunn B. van Lengerich F. T. Orthoefer S. E. Schaefer


Garth Lee Oscar A Pike Mike L Dunn Dennis L Eggett Reuben D Domike Bradley Jay Taylor
Mike L Dunn
Mike L Dunn Vijaya Jain Barbara P. Klein
Mike L Dunn