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Long-Term Food Storage

Our mission is to promote self-reliance, reduce hunger, and improve the quality of life in targeted areas of the world by increasing the quality and quantity of food through long-term preservation and storage research.

What Are We Studying?

Effects of Storage Conditions on Shelf-Life

  • Improve understanding of temperature, humidity, and other environmental extremes to which foods are subjected during distribution and long-term storage-- including home storage.
  • Evaluate the effects of environmental conditions on quality and shelf-life of specific foods and commodities.
  • Develop and evaluate practical methods for controlling and mitigating environmental effects to extend shelf-life during distribution and long-term storage.

Shelf-Life Extension

Extend the shelf-life of foods and agricultural commodities by developing and evaluating the effect of novel processes, unique food additives and formulations, traditional and modified-atmosphere packaging on long-term storage.

Shelf-Life Testing Methodology

Develop new and improved accelerated methods for determining the quality and acceptability of foods and commodities over their storage life.

International Food Storage Recommendations

  • Increase availability of nutritious foods in developing countries by using readily adaptable methods for processing indigenous foods.
  • Evaluate the composition and functionality of underutilized, indigenous foods suitable for long-term storage.
  • Evaluate novel mechanisms for minimizing post-harvest losses of staple foods.

How Can You Get Involved?

Financial Support

Previous research has been funded by Ira Fulton, LDS Welfare Services, Decagon Inc., and the Ezra Taft Benson Food and Agriculture Institute.

To support future research, contact:

Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
S-121 ESC Brigham Young University

Mentoring Opportunities for Students in Food Science

There are some opportunities for undergraduate students to work on research. If you are interested, find out what professors are currently researching. To be hired within the Food Science Program see the instructions for Undergraduate Mentoring. To get involved in Nutritional research please contact the professor you would like to work with.

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