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Long Term Food Storage

Long Term Food Storage

A long-standing emphasis of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is home food storage to increase personal and family self-reliance. In keeping with this emphasis, the BYU Food Science program carries out research intended to promote self-reliance, reduce hunger, and improve the quality of life in targeted areas of the world by identifying process and storage practices that increase the quality of food held in longer-term storage.

Sample Project Areas:

Effects of Storage Conditions on Shelf-Life

  • Improve understanding of temperature, humidity, and other environmental extremes to which foods are subjected during distribution and long-term storage-- including home storage. 
  • Evaluate the effects of environmental conditions on quality and shelf-life of specific foods and commodities. 
  • Develop and evaluate practical methods for controlling and mitigating environmental effects to extend shelf-life during distribution and long-term storage. 
Shelf-Life Extension

  • Extend the shelf-life of foods and agricultural commodities by developing and evaluating the effect of novel processes, unique food additives and formulations, and traditional and modified-atmosphere packaging on long-term storage.
Shelf-Life Testing Methodology

  • Develop new and improved accelerated methods for determining the quality and acceptability of foods and commodities over their storage life.
International Food Storage Recommendations

  • Increase availability of nutritious foods in developing countries by using readily adaptable methods for processing indigenous foods. 
  • Evaluate the composition and functionality of underutilized, indigenous foods suitable for long-term storage. 
  • Evaluate novel mechanisms for minimizing post-harvest losses of staple foods. 

How Can You Get Involved?

Mentoring Opportunities for Students in Food Science

Opportunities exist for undergraduate students majoring in Food Science to work on research projects. Ask Food Science professors about their current research projects and the availability of research assistantships. Sign up on the Food Science Listserv to receive the mentoring interest survey each semester.