Employment Opportunities for Students

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graders

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graders Many NDFS courses employ students as teaching assistants and graders. The largest Departmental employer is NDFS 100, with about 30 TAs and graders each semester. Successful completion of both NDFS 100 and 200 is required for employment. TAs work fixed hours (about 10-12 each week), and graders' hours can vary each week according to other demands on their time and due dates for students' assignments in NDFS 100.

There are opportunities to work as a TA or grader for other NDFS courses. Students in advanced courses can talk to professors to find out about opportunities for being a TA.


Research Assistants

Research AssistantsResearch opportunities exist for interested students. Professors hire some students as lab assistants for specific research projects. In addition, dedicated students can become involved on a volunteer basis. If you are interested, talk with individual professors about opportunities in their labs for volunteer and paid employment.