The department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science offers a Master’s Degree in either Food Science or Nutritional Science.

M.S. Food Science

The Food Science graduate program has a strong research emphasis in long term food preservation. Other research interests include food microbiology, sensory analysis, food fortification, and macronutrient stability. Graduate students have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of laboratories and work in a highly collaborative mentored environment with all food science graduate faculty.

Students who complete a Master’s Degree in Food Science from Brigham Young University enjoy very high placement rates into doctoral programs and are highly recruited by industry. Students are also successful at pursing professional school (dentistry, law, medicine, business). Graduates are prepared to work in any area of food science, including product development, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. Students also work in government and technical sales.

M.S. Nutritional Science

The Nutritional Science program at Brigham Young University is designed to prepare graduates for doctoral programs and professional school (medicine, podiatry, physician’s assistant, dental). Graduates are also employed in government, industry, community and not for profit organizations. Graduates who are registered dietitians are prepared to work in hospitals, dietetics management, or community nutrition.

Research opportunities include focus on vitamin or mineral metabolism, muscle energy metabolism, bone metabolism, energy metabolism, pediatric nutrition, and assessment of malnutrition, management in dietetics, and international or community nutrition.