General Policies and Protocol

Chromatography Facility

  • Ongoing development of policies by Chromatography Facility Committee; reviewed by Users.

  • Method development generally to be done by Facility Director Dr. Jiping Zou. Cost of method development determined in consultation with Users.

General Protocol

1. Users interested in using the facility will contact Facility Director (422-4075 or email at to schedule a meeting.

2. Meet to discuss project, provide information regarding methods to be used, column needs, sample preparation, type of data to be generated, and so forth. 

3. Total cost estimate provided, or date to meet when costs are known; discuss how cost is determined. Discuss when payment is due and billing procedure.

4. If appropriate, discuss need for student involvement, etc.

5. Notes on discussion of items provided to User and Facility director through duplicated form.

6. Set up account for User.

7. Unless other arrangements are made, samples must be prepared before taken to the lab; the extracts must be filtered with at least 0.45 um of pore size filter and the analyzing compounds should be at least 2~5 ug/ml in concentrations for UV, MSD and FID detector and 0.1 ug/ml for FLD detector.